How To: Build a JABOD Forge

Building a solid fuel forge is easier than you might thing and costs almost nothing.

You Will Need


  • A box
  • Some dirt (clay or loam, not sand)
  • Blower (hairdryer or [duct fan][Air source recommenations])
  • Dryer hose or similar heat resistant means of connecting your blower to your box
  • Some coal


  • Hole saw or similar of the same size as the dryer hose
  • Something to light your forge

The Process

Cut a hole in the box

Cut a hole in your box big enough for the hose to fit snugly

Put your dirt in that box

Fill the box with dirt, forming a conical indent about 6 inches (15cm) in diameter and 4 inches (10cm) deep. This indentation will be your “fire box”.

Ensure the pipe extends into the fire box and is unobstructed.

Connect the blower

Connect the air source to the hose, and fit the hose to the hole in the box

Light your new forge